Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Daily Tax Tips for 2010

The blog titled, Don’t Mess with Taxes, did a great job of compiling some of’s annual tax guide, which is updated every weekday. Some of the tips are very useful, so I wanted to share them all with my readers. You can find a segment of the Don’t Mess with Taxes blog below, or read the Bank Rate guide here.

Then check out these Daily Tax Tips, courtesy of Bankrate's annual tax guide. A new one will be added each weekday (because like the IRS we take weekends and federal holidays off) wrapping up on the April 15 filing deadline day.

You can find the day's featured tip in the upper right corner of the ol' blog during tax-filing season. Or you can check out our running list below, also updated daily.

1. 8 tax-filing moves to make now -- Procrastinate on your taxes and you could pay the price. Here's how to get a head start. (1/5/2010)

2. Who has to file taxes? -- Believe it or not, some people make it through tax-filing season without any hassle. Are you one of them? (1/6/2010)

3. Picking the appropriate Form 1040 -- Yes, there are three versions and the one you file could make a big difference to your tax bill. (1/7/2010)

4. Standard or itemized deductions? -- Either option will help you reduce your amount of taxable income. Find out how to determine which works best for your filing situation.(1/8/2010)

5. What's your filing status? -- It may sound like a simple question, but the correct answer could make a difference in your tax bill. (1/11/2010)

6. Defining your dependents -- For most parents, children are automatic dependents for tax-filing purposes. But check out the rules just to make sure. (1/12/2010)

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