Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Paper or Plastic? D.C. Taxes on All Disposable Bags

Earlier this week Washington DC council members passed a new tax in the amount of 5 cents on all disposable grocery bags. The decision was unanimous and as the council claimed it would greatly help the environment. Check out an article on the new tax below, courtesy of

Mike Carter says that's "a good idea, if it's going to help the environment."

The tax impacts both paper and plastic disposable bags.

"I think it's a good thing if people are taxed on their bags," said Raisa Stebbins. "They'll stop using using bags -- better for the environment, better for the people."

The bill prohibits businesses from paying the fee on behalf of customers. Establishments caught not taxing customers face a $100 fine for the first violation, $200 for the second and $500 for the third violation within one calendar year.

"I like the concept of what they are trying to accomplish but as a general rule, I don't like taxes," said Peter Brown.

Four of the 5 cents from the new tax will go to cleaning up the Anacostia River. The other cent will go to businesses to off set the cost of implementing the new tax.

"It's an incentive for people to bring their own bags, so it could have a good effect," added Felicia Sonmez.

And if you do bring your own reusable bag, you won't be hit by the nickel tax.

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