Monday, September 08, 2008

Tax Topics in McCain’s Speech

At the end of last week, Sen. John McCain officially accepted the Republican nomination for president, and spoke to the crowd at the Republican National Convention. Embedded below is a video of McCain’s speech, and I have also included bullets of the tax issues mentioned in his speech, thanks to TaxProf.

  • We believe in low taxes, spending discipline, and open markets. We believe in rewarding hard work and risk takers and letting people keep the fruits of their labor.
  • I will keep taxes low and cut them where I can. My opponent will raise them. I will open new markets to our goods and services. My opponent will close them. I will cut government spending. He will increase it.
  • My tax cuts will create jobs. His tax increases will eliminate them.
  • Keeping taxes low helps small businesses grow and create new jobs. Cutting the second highest business tax rate in the world will help American companies compete and keep jobs from moving overseas. Doubling the child tax exemption from $3500 to $7000 will improve the lives of millions of American families.

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