Wednesday, September 24, 2008

60 Minutes Gives Biased Coverage

According to, and many other political news sites, ABC’s news program 60 Minutes was biased of the candidate’s tax proposals during their interviews with Barack Obama and John McCain. In the broadcast the correspondents praised Obama’s plan, while intentionally saying nothing good about McCain’s. Bellow is the summary of Media Matter’s findings, but you can read their full report by clicking here.

During interviews with Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama, CBS 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft characterized Obama's economic agenda as "ambitious and expensive," citing the costs of Obama's infrastructure, alternative energy, and health care plans, but there was no similar characterization of McCain's tax agenda by correspondent Scott Pelley, who interviewed McCain, even though, according to the Tax Policy Center, McCain's tax plan would likely add $1.5 trillion more to the federal deficit over 10 years than Obama's tax plan.

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