Monday, August 04, 2008

Obama Says More NATO Troops Means Tax Cuts at Home

Last week, Presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama spoke with CNN on his plan to increase the amount of NATO troops in Afghanistan. He claimed that by getting Europe more involved, they can fight together for a common cause, while also providing valuable tax breaks to middle Americans. Below is a quote from the article, but you can read the full text at

“Barack Obama said Friday that persuading NATO allies to contribute more troops to Afghanistan could lead to U.S. troop cuts and help improve the U.S. economy, with reduced military expenditure being diverted into tax cuts to help middle class families.

‘Part of getting that right is having the Europeans engaged and involved in this same battle that we're involved with,’ the Democratic presidential contender told CNN's Candy Crowley in Berlin, Germany, where he had addressed an estimated crowd of 200,000 a day earlier.

Obama's multi-nation trip, which has included stopovers in Afghanistan, Iraq and Israel, is aimed at bolstering his foreign policy credentials. The one-term senator has been criticized as inexperienced by Republican rival, Sen. John McCain.

Obama landed in France on Friday for a meeting with President Nicolas Sarkozy. He ended Friday in the UK where he was scheduled to meet Prime Minister Gordon Brown and opposition leader David Cameron.”

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