Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Honda Sells First Hydrogen Powered Vehicles

According to BBC News, Honda has begun production on the first commercial, zero-emission, hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicle. The car will be a four-seater and will run on electricity produced by combining hydrogen with oxygen. Honda claims the vehicle will offer three times better fuel efficiency than traditional cars. Below is a quote from the article, to read the full article check out Honda makes first hydrogen cars on BBC.co.uk.

One of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of wider adoption of fuel-cell vehicles is the lack of hydrogen fuelling stations. Critics also point out that hydrogen is costly to produce and the most common way to produce hydrogen is still from fossil fuels.

Analysis of the environmental impact of different fuel technologies has shown that the overall carbon dioxide emissions from hydrogen powered cars can be higher than that from petrol or diesel-powered vehicles.

The first five customers are all based in southern California because of the proximity of hydrogen fuelling stations, Honda said. US actress Jamie Lee Curtis will be among the first to take delivery of the vehicle, the firm added.

The car will initially be available for lease rather than purchase in California, starting in July, and then in Japan later this year.

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