Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Start at the IRS to Find a Missing Child

I've posted stories before about attempts to get the IRS to provide information about child abductors, but did you know there are parental abductors some who blatantly claim their kidnapped children on their federal returns? The hubris here is astonishing.

Washington Examiner reports:

    Hardly a week passes without hearing something about missing children in this country. Some are believed stolen for sexual purposes, some are found murdered, and thousands of other children are kidnapped by one of their own parents.

    Today, let's focus on parental abductors.

    For the parent left behind after a former spouse has kidnapped their child, there is the agony of not knowing when -- or if -- they will ever see their baby again. Even the tiniest clue as to their son's or daughter's whereabouts is vitally important if there is ever to be a reunion.

    To those heartsick parents, I say: The IRS may very well know where your missing child is, but the agency won't tell you.

    Believe it or not, there are some parental abductors who file tax returns and blatantly claim their kidnapped child as a dependent!

    Some of them apparently need the refund money, while others don't want to attract attention for failure to pay. When they file their return, they list their employer and their home address, along with the child's name and Social Security number.

    All are major pieces of information the abandoned parent would love to know. But the IRS cloaks itself in Watergate-era privacy laws, shrugs its bureaucratic shoulders and says it just can't help the grieving parent locate the missing child.

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