Wednesday, March 09, 2011

IRS Directs Scorsese To Pay Millions in Back Taxes

Another celebrity with tax problems? Martin Scorsese should check out my recent press release!

Wallet Pop reports:

    When it comes to squaring with the tax man, Oscar-winner Martin Scorsese is apparently no good fella. He owes almost $3 million in back taxes, and an IRS lien is seeking the director's cut, according to reports.

    Scorsese's publicist called the lien a "mistake," saying the famed filmmaker has paid all his IRS debts. We hesitate to make a big production out of all this, but there are too many powerful Hollywood types with the taint of tax evasion to ignore. Wesley Snipes and Nicolas Cage top the marquee in a cast of accused and convicted luminaries who weren't ready for their IRS close-up.

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