Thursday, February 03, 2011

5 Quick Tips to Build Better Work Relationships

One of my favorite blogs, posted this great article yesterday with advice on building better work relationships, contributed by CEO Coach Henna Inam.


    1. Clarify Your Objective. What’s your goal? The goal here is to simply build a more trusting relationship with the other person. Once the mutual trust is established, it is more possible to work on the areas where you want to influence the person.

    2. What’s the best way to approach them? The bad news is that they are probably not oblivious to the fact that you are not on great terms. So just be honest. Ask them to see if they would have lunch with you as you’d like to get to know them better.

    3. What If They Say No? They may be a bit suspicious. After all, everyone wants to have lunch with friends. And it may be just the excuse you may be looking for to retreat back to your office cave to nurse the ego. But you can prevail. Persist. Ask if there is a better time to connect, perhaps for coffee.

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