Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Minute Tax Themed Holiday Presents

Hanukah ended a few weeks ago, Christmas is just a couple of days away, and Kwanzaa begins on the 26th. In this season of giving, you might need ideas for those last minute gifts for the tax savvy person in your life. Check out some ideas below and give that tax fanatic something they’ll truly enjoy.

1. 1040 Tax Form Paperweight

It may be a little late to order a present online if you are hoping it will get here by Christmas, but if the person you are shopping for doesn't mind a late present, you could get them this 1040 paperweight from FindGift.com.

2. 1040 Toiler Paper

Another 1040 gift, but instead of a paper weight it’s toilet paper from Prank Place.com:

    Does it pain you to fill out a tax form each year? This product isn't deductible, but it'll sure make you feel better. A collage of the 1040 IRS Form is printed throughout the whole roll!

3. Certified Tax Evader T-Shirt

You could either buy this brown and orange shirt from FindGift.com or swing by a craft store to get supplies to make your own! The shirt sells for about $20, but you could easily make your own for less.

4. My New Book

If you order Surviving the Coming Tax Disaster on Amazon, it probably won't arrive on time. However, the Kindle ebook is available for download instantly!

5. Subscription to a Finance Magazine

SmartMoney is one of my favorite magazines, and you can purchase a subscription for that special tax someone on their website. Just be sure to use the name and address of the person you are giving the gift to, and not your own.

6. IRS Candy Bars

They might not arrive before Christmas, but these “Bite Back at the IRS” chocolate candy bars would certainly put a smile on the face of anyone who works in taxes or finance. They are available in cases of 50, for around $75. That puts the price per candy bar at around $1.50. Maybe a belated holiday gift for your accounting department?

Hat Tip: TaxProf

7. Money Tree

Here's another present you could either order online or make yourself: a money tree! All you need is a clay pot, some fake leaves, a green stick, some dollar bills and pennies, and a hot glue gun.

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