Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Beyond Skills and Smarts: Thriving in the New Economy

Last week one of my favorite blogs, The Glass Hammer posted a very interesting article by Liz Cornish on how to thrive in today’s tough economy. You can check out a section of the entry below, or click here for the full text.

It’s been a tough and frustrating year for financial professionals. Watching other smart, motivated people lose their jobs is sobering. Increased regulation is forcing many institutions that were playing by the rules to endure shrinking margins and panicked customers. It’s like being grounded because your sibling broke curfew. As the economy shifts and uncertainty prevails, what should women in finance do to ensure their own future?

First, congratulate yourself. You’re a motivated woman in the right industry. Sure, there will be changes and disruption, but finance is here to stay. As Patty Vantuhl of Bank of America noted, “There will always be a financial world. Names and players will change. But people will always need a way to store, access, invest, leverage and keep track of their money.” If you were in the newspaper publishing business, this would be a very different article.

So you’re in the right place, right career. Now what? What will it take to thrive in the new economy?

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