Thursday, October 01, 2009

Five Tips to Help You Become a Transparent Leader

The Glass Hammer, one of my favorite blogs, recently published an entry explaining how to become a transparent leader in today’s business world. According to their article “Transparency is the ability to clearly see the relationship between oneself and one’s environment. Transparent leaders know their strengths and weakness but, above all, know who they are and how their actions impact the actions of others.” I have included a few of their tips below, but I highly recommend checking out the full article here.

1. Share Information

If you want the people who report to you to be engaged and working for the good of the organization, you must share information and expertise that would be most appropriate and effective to build the trust and commitment needed for positive change in the organization.

2. Convey Your Principles and Beliefs

Convey your principles and beliefs to others to increase the value those people can promote within the organization.

3. Be Trustworthy and Reliable

People’s expectations of leaders are usually rooted in the basic interpersonal operation of the leader-follower relationship, where personal connections are made through trust, reliability, care, and appreciation.

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