Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hawaii Gov Vetoes Tax Hikes on High Income Earners

According to the Associated Press, Hawaii’s Governor Linda Lingle has vetoed the legislature’s plan to increase taxes on high-income earners, and tourists. Over 400 business leaders and tax protestors reportedly gathered at the Capitol to support Lingle’s decision.

"They can't tax their way to prosperity. They can't tax their way out of this economic crisis," Lingle told the applauding crowd. "The only thing that gets us out of this crisis is more visitors coming, more homes being built, more jobs being created."

Minutes later, Lingle used a stamp imprinting the word "veto" on each of the bills and held them up for the audience to see.

But Democrats, who hold nearly 90 percent majorities in both houses, have already extended this year's legislative session until Friday specifically so they can attempt the overrides, which would take two-thirds majorities in the House and Senate.

They argued that tax increase are needed to balance the state budget, and they complained that Lingle hadn't suggested realistic alternatives.

"If it's not her way, it's the highway," said Speaker of the House Calvin Say, D-St. Louis Heights-Wilhelmina Rise. "I'm just a little disappointed in having this type of promotional public relations get-together at this point in time."

Both Say and Senate President Colleen Hanabusa said they have the votes to override Lingle.

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