Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day Roundup: Filing Tips and Free Food

Yesterday I came across this great article from with some last-minute preparation tips for filers who are late or planning to file an extension today. They also included some information on a few tax day freebies and discounts. You can find a segment of the story below, thanks to

Last Minute Prep Tips:

Need an extension?: If you know roughly how much you'll owe but just can't get through all the paperwork, fill out Form 4868 and send it in with 90 percent of your estimated amount due to avoid penalties and fees. Pretty sure you're getting a refund? Just send in that form, and you've got until around Oct. 15 to file your final claim.

Drop-dead, last-minute tax reducers: If you can't stand to look at how much you owe, today's probably the last day to do something about it. Grab that extension form above, unless you've got the day to yourself (or love late-night post office crowds). Then check out Consumer Reports' Last, best money-saving tax options, which includes things like Roth IRA contributions, child credits, and stimulus payments that never came.

Clean, signed, and keep a copy: That's how tax returns should be filed, as tax whiz Roni Deutch tells the Get Rich Slowly blog. Just having a proper-looking return can keep you away from an audit, but if the numbers themselves make you worry, check out GRS' list of common IRS red flags.

Tax Day Freebies and Deals:

Cinnabon Bites at mall-based Cinnabon locations from 5-8 PM.

Single-scoop ice cream from MaggieMoo's all day.

Free Taco Del Mar Taco all day with a printed coupon.

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