Monday, March 23, 2009

Tax Season -- Great Reminder to Consult with Professionals.

After sending out a few copies of my new book to fellow bloggers and tax professionals, Jennifer Sawday, of California Estate Planning Blog, posted an entry on her blog about the book and about seeking professional help with taxes. Thanks, Jennifer!

Tax season has fully descended upon all Americans. (Also, Girl Scout cookies as well. Girl Scout cookies are much more palatable!)

I received a complimentary copy of Roni Lynn Deutch's book, The Tax Lady's Guide to Beating the IRS and Saving Big Bucks on Your Taxes… It's a great book and very easy to read. Reading books like Roni's makes you aware of the value of hiring a tax professional to assist you with your taxes, tax planning and representation in case of an audit or other issues involving the IRS or local tax authorities. It also brings home the point that you should consider consulting with and later hiring a professional to assist you with other endeavors as well.

Be sure to do your homework on any important issue facing your family whether it be taxes, estate planning, financial advice and other such matters. Do your reading, Internet research and then consult with professionals as well to make sure you are taking the right steps to protect yourself and your loved ones.

When you decide to consult with a professional, ask at the outset if there will be a consultation fee and how much so you can be prepared. Some professionals do not charge a fee, will waive the fee or have reasonable fee depending on the nature of the consultation. Professionals have nothing to give you other than their time and with their time comes their knowledge, insight and wisdom that is often invaluable.

Receiving Roni's book and reading it reminded me to share this important point with our blog readers.

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