Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stimulus Includes GM Tax Break

From The Associated Press:

General Motors Corp. would receive a tax break in the $790 billion stimulus bill after the automaker argued its government-led restructuring would unintentionally lead to at least $7 billion in tax liabilities.

General Motors, which received a $13.4 billion lifeline from the Bush administration last year, would have been required to pay additional income taxes from its government loans, potentially undermining its turnaround plan.

GM received $9.4 billion in federal loans and is expected to receive another $4 billion, while Chrysler LLC has received $4 billion in loans and hopes to get another $3 billion. The companies must submit plans next week showing how they will restructure their companies and become profitable.

President Barack Obama, in an interview Wednesday with about a dozen selected reporters from news organizations, said he was committed to helping the U.S. auto industry and more help could be available if the plans are realistic.

If not, Obama said, "Then we're going to have to ask them to go back to the drawing board."

"Get me a plan that works," Obama said, according to the Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News.

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