Wednesday, November 19, 2008

National Association of Women Lawyers Published Findings

A few days ago the National Association of Women Lawyers published their third annual National Survey on the Status of Women in Law Firms. You can download a PDF of the study by clicking here, but I have listed out some of their most important findings below.

  • 48% of associates, 27% of non-equity partners, and 16% of equity partners, are women
  • At 99% of the firms, the highest-paid partner is a man
  • Women earn less than their male counterparts at the associate ($7,000), of-counsel ($14,000), nonequity partner ($23,000), and equity partner ($87,000) levels.
These reports have gotten massive attention in the blogging community. The Wall Street Journal’s law blog spoke with Lisa Horowitz, the president of the Association, and she claimed this is because women lawyers are less likely to brag about their accomplishments. “Research has found that women don’t self promote,” stated Horowitz.

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