Wednesday, October 15, 2008

7 Tips for Traveling Surfers

After the October 15th extension deadline some of us who work in the tax industry get a two and a half month break before tax season. As the weather gets colder here in the United States, I usually head towards warmer locations to ride the waves. To help out anyone else working in taxes who like to surf, I have put together this list of 7 tips for traveling surfers.

1. Think Like a Local

Make sure you have sufficient information on the place you are going to surf. Study local maps, locate hotels, and find the best beaches. If you will be surfing abroad, make sure you know the local customs and follow them accordingly. Know the foods you are likely to be eating and what sort of attire is appropriate for a visitor.

2. Check Your Attire

There is nothing worse than traveling to a new place to surf when you unprepared for the weather. Make sure you know the weather forecast during your stay, and whether you will need a wet-suit or not. Also check to see if coral reef is present so you know if you will need booties or not. Hiking shoes, sunglasses, and a windbreaker are also all likely to come in handy, no matter where you travel.

3. Be Safe

When arranging your travel plans, use only the most reliable sources for travel information (including transportation, hotels, and recreation) to assure a safe trip. Although you will probably have to go off usual path to find the best surf spots, you should always play it safe and bring a surf buddy. Additionally, it is always a good idea to have a first aid kit handy at all times, since you never now what could happen during the hike or out on the surf. You should always be ready for emergencies!

4. Prepare Yourself

As fun as surfing trips are, they are also physically straining. Keeping your body healthy with daily exercise before you go is not a bad idea. Eating healthy the week before, drinking plenty of water, and getting decent amounts of sleep will greatly improve your trip and make it much more enjoyable.

5. Bring a Spare...

Having a spare leash, fins, surf wax, pair of sunglasses, and board are all good ideas. Although all of these things can be purchased abroad, it is much cheaper to bring your own. Also, if you are surfing somewhere miles from the closest town and you break a board, then it will pretty much ruin your trip.

6. Pack Smart

Before you even begin to pack, make a list of each and every thing you need to bring. Forgetting essential things like leashes or booties can really put a damper on your trip. It is also smart to pack light, as you will have plenty of luggage to lug around when you factor in your board or boards. Bring an extra, empty backpack so you don't have to unpack your entire carry on when you are ready to go out and surf. Having plenty of healthy snacks for the plane ride is a good idea too, as it is important to keep your body both hydrated and sustained for your upcoming trip.

7. Do Not Forget the Essentials

As with any trip abroad or far away, you will need to be sure to pack identification, cash, travelers checks, and back up documents. Find out if you will need a visa for your stay, because not knowing can lead to getting put right back onto the plane and one frustrating flight back home to get one. Keep a folder with all of your tickets, maps, hotels, and any other travel or trip documents. The more organized and ready you are, the more smoothly your travel time will go and the sooner you can hit the waves and have a fun time!

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