Thursday, March 13, 2008

IRS New CADE System Processes 15 Million Tax Returns

According to the IRS, one quarter of all individual tax returns so far this tax season are being processed by the IRS’ new, modernized computer system. It is called the Customer Account Data Engine, or CADE. It has already successfully processed over 15 million individual tax returns, or 25 percent of all those processed so far this year.

"This system is the centerpiece of our modernization efforts at the IRS," notes Richard Spires, IRS Deputy Commissioner for Operations Support. "CADE is handling significantly more tax returns each year. The long-term investment in this program is paying off with meaningful results for the American taxpayer."

CADE, which is at the core of the effort to replace many of the agency’s aging systems, dramatically speeds up internal IRS processing, permitting taxpayer accounts to update on a daily basis. The older system updates only on a weekly basis.

"This supports better customer service for the taxpayers, processes refunds quicker and helps the IRS better administer the nation’s tax system," continued Spires.